February 2019 Grants and Fellowships Opportunities

February 2019 Grants and Fellowships Opportunities
  • Dalai Lama Fellowship 2019

Application Deadline- 3 February 2019

Grant Award- Fully Sponsored Fellowship to United States

About the Grant– The award is year-long Fellowships to next generation leaders that are working on social change projects in local communities to address one or more of the following areas: mitigating economic disparity, diminishing violence, gender inequity, improving cross-cultural and interreligious cooperation, facilitating new and more holistic educational approaches, and enhancing environmental sustainability..



  • World Press Institute’s Fellowship: Inviting Journalists across the World

Application Deadline- 15February 2019

Grant Award- Fully Sponsored Guided Tour Over 8 Cities in USA

About the Grant– Through an immersive program, you will learn how the U.S. founding principles of a free press and journalistic best practices help foster transparency and accountability of government institutions, businesses and organizations, including the most powerful ones.



  • National NGO Program on Humanitarian Leadership

Application Deadline- 15 February 2019

Grant Award- Fully Sponsored Fellowship and Training

About the Grant– The NNPHL curriculum will focus on three key areas that have been identified as critical to successful humanitarian programming: Leadership, Coordination, and Strategic Vision. All participants will engage in a blended learning program, which will include in-person and online, distance learning.





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