Group Sensitize Against Gender Discrimination


Global Women for Quality and Sustainable Development Initiative (GWSD) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that empowers women and girls through education and helps them achieving her dreams in life irrespective of the gender.

The Global Women for Quality and Sustainable Development Initiative (GWSD) urged women and girls to cultivate the habit of self-esteem.

The GWSD programme officer, Iyobosa Ahonkhai spoke while addressing a cross section of Idia College students in Benin City yesterday in commemoration of this year’s International Day Of The Girl Child.

She said low self-esteem arises from gender discrimination against the girl child

Ahonkhai noted that the society assigns certain roles and responsibilities to persons based on gender and the girl child is always assigned lesser roles in the society, as a result, she feels inferior to her male counterpart.

While addressing the students, the programme officer explained that “As a girl-child you are capable of more than you know, your gender should not be a limitation to your dream.”

With the theme, unscripted and unstoppable as illustration, Ahonkhai pointed out that there is no script dictating the future of anyone or neither is there any force that can stop any determined person from achieving his or her dreams irrespective of the gender.

She further encouraged the students to hold on to their lives ambitions and make a determined effort towards achieving their dreams despite the unfavorable conditions.

While encouraging the students to embrace education, the human rights activists said “Education remains the greatest weapon against gender discrimination. For anyone of you to reach the top or compete with anyone or students elsewhere in the globe, be studious and strive to be the best in your chosen career path.


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