Ocha Initiative for Peace and Unity Set To Spread Infrastructure Development To All Geo-Political Zones.


Ocha Initiative for Peace and Unity, a non governmental organisation has called for the spread of infrastructure development across the six geo-political zones in the country.

Mr Augustine Kekeocha, Chairman of the organisation  said investing in such project across the geopolitical zones would further foster peace and unity in the country.

He noted that it would help to drive economic growth and development in the country.

“There must be significant federal presence in all geo-political zones of the country in terms of infrastructural development, appointments and justice for all Nigerians, regardless of tribe, religion or gender,” he said.

Kekeocha called for sensitisation of Nigerians on the need for one Nigeria, adding that it was of great importance to national unity.

He urged government to organise a yearly national day, where every ethnic groups gather to celebrate their cultures and traditions with others.

“We must disregard state of origin in the affairs of our national building and coexistence,” he said


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