Royal School of Education Therapy Foundation urges parents not to hide children with learning disabilities.


Royal School of Education Therapy (RSET) Foundation has called on parents with children who have learning disabilities due to autism, dyslexia, Down Syndrome, cerebral palsy, attention deficit hyperactive disorder, etc., to bring them out of hiding. Addressing a press conference in Gwarinpa, Abuja at the weekend, Dr. Badewa T. Adejugbe-Williams, founder of RSET, said it is never too late to give such children a chance to discover their hidden creative skills for the benefit of themselves and the society. Dr. Badewa said the goals of RSET include addressing all forms of exclusion and marginalization and empowering affected persons with vocational skills based on their abilities.

“These skills include fish farming, baking and cooking, sandals making, make-up, barbing, photography, sewing etc., all of which will give them education in areas of social skills and peer relationships,” she added.

She said RSET has the objective of producing lifelong learning opportunities by providing tools for students to achieve their full potentials.




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