YEF empowers public school girls


The Executive Secretary of Youth Empowerment Foundation (YEF), in Nigeria, Mrs. Iwalola Akinkunmi said the goals programme entails the commitment to continually impact lives. “Goals included vocations and skills acquisition, academic excellence, financial freedom for the girls.

Akinkunmi stated that girl-child education simply means empowerment in all aspects of their identity.

“It is about empowering girls to let them make their own decisions,nurturing the girl-child is a way of ensuring the future against absenteeism of women from different social-political and economical spheres of the country.

She stated this during a quiz competition, organised for JSS students, with 15 public school girls from the Education District four in attendance.

Akinkunmi added that they have initiated several training packages,with the motive of empowerment. This training programme has distinguished the “Goals” girls from others that is why, we have decided to engage more of the girls in public schools, so they can impact on other girls, who has not gone through the programme.

The event programme manager, Tolulope Oshoba said intensive skills acquisition and basic business management training programme, were part of the means, to empower the girls with entrepreneurial and employability skills.

Oshoba explained that every girl-child needs to know how to spend their money on needs and not wants apart from the academic training,that is why we harp on academic excellence.

A representative of Chartered Standard Bank, Joke Adun said the bank is excited to be part of a success story of the girls, adding “What they decided to do is humanitarian service through advocacy and empowerment by sponsoring a good initiative that would uplift the girl-child.



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